Curriculum Standards

Course Selection

Learn about course selection at the junior high and high school by reading Understanding Course Selection at R.J Grey JHS and ABRHS.


We anticipate the new MA Science, Engineering and Technology (STE) Framework will be adopted in the fall of 2015. All input on the Draft Revised STE Framework, including comments, suggested edits, and questions can be submitted to:

Please see the following links for additional information.

For the Draft Revised Framework:

For Frequently Asked Questions:

For an overview of the revision process and additional resources:

For information about the MA adaption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS):

The Massachusetts English Language (ELA) Arts & Literacy and Mathematics Frameworks are available online. This site, known as the "CANDI site" (Curriculum AND Instruction) is a resource created by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to support the transition to the new Frameworks. Important links include the "transition plan" and the "crosswalks" (side-by-side comparison of the old and new Frameworks).

The Massachusetts ELA & Literacy &Mathematics Frameworks incorporate the Common Core Standards. Below are documents and links to learn more about the Common Core.