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Striving to develop
 and implement strategic budgets in a timely fashion, the department aims for continuous improvement over time in order to achieve all of the district's long-range strategic learning goals. Click here for a link to learn more about the budget process.  


All employees looking for more information regarding their paystubs should utilize our electronic self-service system in MUNIS

Unclaimed Checks Notice

ABRSD would like to reissue payments to employees and vendors who have old/outstanding checks.  If your name appears on the Abandoned Property list, please contact the District Treasurer's office at 978-264-4700.

Manual of Financial Procedures



  • David VerdolinoDirector of Finance
    email - phone: 978.264.4700 ext. 3205
  • Thomas Blondin, District Accountant
    email - phone: 978.264.4700 ext.3298
  • Wenshu ZhaoBudget Analyst
    email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3217

  • Pat JohnstonPayroll Supervisor
    email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3219
  • Linda KochPayroll Specialist
    email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3215
  • Rebecca Allen, Payroll/Accounts Payable Specialist
    email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3218

  • Margaret Dennehy, District Treasurer  email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3210 
  • Melissa Andrew, District Assistant Treasurer
    email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3210
  • Karen Coll, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent and Finance Director
    email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3211 
  • Wendy LarsonInsurance Consultant (Part time)
    email - phone 978.264.4700 ext. 3204