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Student Services

Student Services Overview

The Student Services Department covers a broad spectrum of services to meet the needs of students across the district.

English Language Education Program
Our English Language Education (ELE) Program is an instructional program based on federal and state guidelines for students who are learning English. By identifying students whose home language is a language other than English, or in addition to English, the ELE program helps students gain equal access to the our educational system.

Carol P. Huebner Preschool Program
The Carol P. Huebner Early Childhood Program is our preschool program, an inclusive, standards-based learning environment. We encourage children to learn through play and to work at their own pace, and we celebrate and encourage parent involvement. We believe that children's learning grows from exploration of who they are, what they can do, and how they relate to the world around them.

Special Education
Within the realm of Special Education, student receive academic and therapeutic interventions at all levels from preschool through completion of secondary education or until transition to adult services.

Health and Nursing Services
Our Health and Nursing Services program supports our students’ health through an array of medical services that includes a nurse at each building and consulting school physicians. The mission of our school nurses is to promote the safety and wellness of our students and staff during the school day in order to optimize learning.

Counseling and Psychological Services
Counseling and Psychological services includes a comprehensive, schoolwide program that promotes the social-emotional, mental health, and academic growth of our students in grades K-12. We are committed to collaborating with families, parents, and the community to support success for every student.

Families in Transition (McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act)
The ABRSD provides outreach and wraparound services and supports for students who are homeless. For more information, please click here.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
Begun in 1997, Emerson Hospital is now partnering with ten local school districts to develop and implement the Youth Risk Behavior Survey as a means of improving the health status of young people in our community. Emerson has carried out a comprehensive community health needs assessment, developed partnerships with different groups to address public health issues and leveraged other resources. 

Having successfully implemented nine surveys of over 10,000 students, this coordinated initiative continues Emerson’s objectives of supporting health education programming in local districts, as well as positive and responsive programs in the community.

Student Services - Administration Building
15 Charter Road
Acton, MA 01720
Phone: 978.264.4700 ext. 3265
Fax: 978264.3341 
William James Interface Referral Services
In collaboration with the PTSO, Town of Acton, Teenage Anxiety and Depression (TADS), AB United Way, and Danny’s Place Youth Services, we are pleased to offer a referral service for parents, students, educators, and our community. 

The William James Interface Referral Services (WJIRS) is an initiative of the William James College’s Richard and Joan Freedman Center. The service makes available a wide range of valuable resources related to mental health and wellness for the benefit of the general public – children, adults and families – as well as educators and mental health professionals. 

In addition to maintaining an extensive, frequently updated website of available resources, WJIRS provides a free, confidential mental health and wellness help line Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM, at 888-244-6843 x1411. 

This is a free, confidential referral service for the Acton/Boxborough communities. Callers are matched with licensed mental health providers that meet the location, insurance, and specialty needs of the caller. Each referral is provided with follow-up assistance. 

Mailing Address: 
William James Interface Referral Service (WJIRS) 
One Wells Avenue 
Newton, MA 02459 


Interface Helpline: 
617-332-3666 x1411 or 888-244-6843 x1411

Bullying Prevention & Intervention
The AB District recognizes that safe school environments are necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. Read the following information regarding bullying.

Medical Emergency Response Plan

In the spring of 2012, the Legislature passed and Governor Patrick signed into law, An Act Relative to Medical Emergency Response Plans for Schools, Chapter 77 of the Acts of 2012 (Medical Emergency Law). The full text of the law is in Appendix 3. The Act amended Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 69 by adding Section 8A.

Under the law, every school committee must ensure that every school under its jurisdiction has a written Medical Emergency Response Plan. The purpose of the Medical Emergency Response Plan is to reduce the incidence of life-threatening emergencies, and to promote efficient response to such emergencies. Read the AB District Medical Emergency Response Plan. Additional information, including questions and suggestions, can be addressed by contacting

Department of Education Coordinated Program Review Report

Each State Department of Education is mandated by the federal government to review school districts' implementation of state and federal laws in certain areas. A summary report has been prepared that highlights the findings. 

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