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Long Range Strategic Plan

        The Plan

Vision, Values and Mission 

The plan described below reflects our district’s core beliefs and central mission, and will collectively serve as the guide for our organizational goals and strategic actions over the upcoming years.


The Core Tenets of the Strategic Plan:

 There are a number of core tenets included in the strategic plan that include: 

  • Vision Statement: defines the future that we want for our students.
  • Values Statement: those ideas that guide our perspectives of our organization and drive our actions. They represent and capture our culture and beliefs.
  • Mission Statement:  a statement that addresses why we exist as an organization and what our organization is all about. 
  • Goals: the identified priorities that we strive to achieve in service to our students.
  • Strategic Actions: the high level strategies that the District will seek to execute in order to realize the established goals.


To provide high-quality educational opportunities that inspire a community of learners


        Wellness - We partner with families to prioritize social emotional wellness, which is necessary for learning and developing resilience

        Equity - We ensure all students have equitable access to programs and curricula to reach their potential

        Engagement - We provide engaging educational opportunities where students develop passion and joy for learning


To develop engaged, well-balanced learners through collaborative, caring relationships