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Subcommittees & Assignments

FY18 Subcommittees & Assignments
The work of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee goes far beyond its twice monthly meetings. Subcommittees allow for a more detailed focus on a variety of topics. External assignments present committee members the opportunity to both broaden the scope of their understanding on an array issues, as well as serve as advocates for the school to the greater community.


The Policy Subcommittee works to review and develop the district's policies. Current members are Maya Minkin (chair), Kathleen Neville, Tessa McKinley, Diane Baum, and Eileen Zhang.

The Budget & Capital Planning Subcommittee  meets on an ongoing basis to work on the development of the district's budget and capital plan. Current members are Brigid Bieber (chair), Deanne O’Sullivan, Mary Brolin, Amy Krishnamurthy, and Kathleen Neville.

The Warrant Signature Subcommittee  takes responsibility for signing warrants as they become available, in order to avoid delays in their fulfillment. Members are Deanne O’Sullivan, Paul Murphy, Maya Minkin, Mary Brolin, and Amy Krishnamurthy. Signatures of the full committee are then obtained at regular school committee meetings.

The Negotiations Subcommittee represents the school committee in contract negotiations. Currently, we are not engaged in any negotiations. 

External Assignments 

Members of the school committee work closely with boards in both towns. Each town is assigned a co-chair to serve as its main liaison. Paul Murphy is this year's Vice-chair for Acton and Brigid Bieber is this year's Vice-chair for Boxborough.

Each of the district's schools has an active Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO/PTO/PTF). Deanne O'Sullivan, Diane Baum and Tessa McKinley serve as PTSO Liaison Coordinators and work to disseminate information to these valuable networks. 

The Acton Health Insurance Trust allows Acton to self-insure and offer health insurance to its current and retired employees including employees of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District. Mary Brolin currently serves as the school committee's representative to the trust.

The district pays into an Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust, the funding source for future retiree benefits. As School Committee Chair, Amy Krishnamurthy sits on the OPEB Trust Fund Board of Advisors.

The  Regionalization Financial Oversight Committee is monitoring the realization of savings in the wake of full regionalization. The committee is comprised of school committee member Mary Brolin, and members of both towns' administrations.

The  Superintendent's Safety Task Force gathers data, facilitates communication, and identifies goals pertaining to school safety and security. The committee is composed of administration, local law enforcement, parent representatives, and school committee members Maya Minkin and Brigid Bieber.

The School Wellness Advisory Committee works to develop an action plan of priorities around helping create and maintain a school environment that enhances the learning and development of lifelong wellness practices. Brigid Bieber and Tessa McKinley serve as the school committee's representatives. 

The Acton-Boxborough Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SpEdPAC) advocates and advises the district on matters as they pertain to special education students. Diane Baum and Maya Minkin serve as the school committee's representatives. 

As a member of the EDCO Collaborative, our district is able to take advantage of a variety of programs and services. Our superintendent sits on the EDCO Board of Directors. Diane Baum serves on the board in an advisory capacity.

The Concord Area Special Education Collaborative (CASE) allows the Acton-Boxborough district to augment local services and provide a continuum of special education programs through collaboration with other school districts. Our superintendent serves as a member on the CASE Board.

Acton has a working group devoted to Minuteman Technical Institute, the current vocational school choice for students in Acton. To keep abreast of developments, Diane Baum serves on the group.

Danny's Place Youth Services is a community organization working to empower youth through life and leadership skills. Amy Krishnamurthy serves on the organization's Advisory Board.

**These roles were voted for the 2017-2018 school year at the August 1, 2017 school committee meeting, and revised on September 19, 2017.