Acton-Boxborough has partnered with the Massachusetts State Building Authority (MSBA) to build a new twin school building to house the C.T Douglas Elementary School, Paul P Gates Elementary School, and the Carol Huebner Early Childhood Program. October 3, 2019 - We have updated our cost estimates based on MSBA review of our Total Project Budget that was submitted to MSBA on September 11. Fall 2019 Cost Estimates (pending final vote of MSBA):

Total Project Budget (voted 8/28/19)


         Less Cost of Feasibility Study   $  1,300,000
 Remaining Final Project Costs  $116,028,519
 MSBA Projected Reimbursement Rate**  32.8%
 Estimated AB Share  $ 78.0
      Estimated Acton Share  $ 66.3M
           Estimated SF* Acton Tax Impact  $452 - $509/ year
      Estimated Boxborough Share  $ 11.7M
           Estimated SF* Boxborough Tax Impact  $314 - $354/ year

^ The project budget voted on 8/28/19 was not to exceed $117,833,519. The district subsequently reduced Architectural Design and Project Management fees and the updated totals are now reflected as of 9/26/19. *Single Family Home ** The MSBA has set the reimbursement rate for the project at 49.7%, however not all project costs are eligible for reimbursement. The projected reimbursement is provided for informational purposes only and will be determined by MSBA at its October 30 Board Meeting. CLICK HERE for a detailed breakdown of project costs from the MSBA Form 3011 which includes information about eligible and ineligible costs. Previous High Level Estimated Project Costs (Fall 2018)

EARLY Estimated Cost: $120M - $130M

MSBA reimbursement 35%-45%: $40M - $60M  
Estimated AB Share: $70M - $80M  
Estimated Acton Share: $60M - $68M 
(Estimated Tax Impact - Single Family Home Property Tax Increase $650 - $850) 
Estimated Boxborough Share*: $10M - $12M 
(Estimated Tax Impact - Single Family Home Property Tax Impact $450 - $600)


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