Section J—Students

Equal-Educational-Opportunities - File: JB

Students Who Are Transgender and/or Gender Nonconforming Procedure - File: JB-R

Building-Based Plan for Students Who Are Transgender and/or Gender Nonconforming File: JB-R-E

Prohibition of Harassment - File: JBA

Harassment Complaint Form - File: JBA-E

Enrollment Of Students - File: JC

Enrollment Of Students - File: JC-R

Assignment Of Students From Other Schools To Classes - File: JCAC

Kindergarten Entrance Policy - File: JEB

Residency and Student Enrollment - File: JF

Proof of Residency Affidavit - File: JF-E

Nonresident Tuition Charges: File: JFABA

Admission of Exchange Students - File: JFABB

Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights And Services - File: JFABD 

Educational Opportunities for Military Children - File: JFABE

Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care - File: JFABF

School Choice - File: JFBB

Student Absences And Excuses - File: JH

Exclusion And Exemptions From School Attendance - File: JHD

Student Rights And Responsibilities - File: JI

Student Involvement In Decision-Making - File: JIB

Student Conduct - File: JIC

Student School Bus Behavior Expectations - File: JICC

Student School Bus Behavior Expectations - File: JICC-R

Student Publications - File: JICE

Prohibition Of Hazing - File: JICFA

Hazing - File: JICFA-E

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy - File: JICFB

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan - File: JICFB-R

Tobacco Use on School Property - File: JICG

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use By Students Prohibited - File: JICH

Pregnant/Parenting Students - File: JIE

Searches And Interrogations - File: JIH

Student Complaints And Grievances - File: JII

Student Activity Programs - File: JJ

Student Activity Programs - File: JJ-R

Student Activity Accounts - File: JJF

Interscholastic Athletics - File: JJIB

Head Injury Management Policy - File: JJIF

Head Injury Management Protocols - File: JJIF-R

Student Discipline Guidelines - File: JK

Physical Restraint of Students - File: JKAA

Physical Restraint of Students - File: JKAA-R

Discipline Of Students with Disabilities - File: JKF

Student Insurance Program - File: JLA

Student Health Services And Requirements - File: JLC

Student Health Services and Requirements Procedures- File: JLC-R

Physical Examinations Of Students - File: JLCA

Immunization Procedures Relating To New Students - File: JLCBA

Communicable Diseases - File: JLCC

Medication Administration Policy - File: JLCD

Medication Administration Procedures - File: JLCD-R

Life-Threatening Allergy Policy - File: JLCEA

Grades PK-6 Life-Threatening Allergy Procedures - File: JLCEA-R-1

Grades 7-12 Life-Threatening Allergy Procedures - File: JLCEA-R-2

School Guidelines for Managing Students with Life-Threatening Allergies - File: JLCEA-E

Students In Crisis - File: JLDBB

Students In Crisis: Administrative Procedures - File: JLDBB-R

Child Abuse And Neglect Reporting - File: JLDBD

Procedures For Dealing With Suspected Child Abuse And Neglect - File: JLDBD-R

Playground Safety Policy - File: JLIF

Playground Safety Procedures - File: JLIF-R

Student Fees, Fines, And Charges - File: JQ

Activities Fee Procedures - File: JQA-R

Student Records - File: JRA

Student Records Annual Report - File: JRA-E

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